Career Opportunities

Employment after school

When you leave school (either after year 11 or later) you will be strongly advised by your personal adviser and careers teacher to look for opportunities which include training leading to recognised qualifications. This will improve your future prospects.


Apprenticeships are high quality training programmes with local employers. They enable you to obtain formal qualifications through day release, and last for about three years

As an apprentice you would follow a training programme which has been devised by a professional training organisation for that industry.

Apprenticeships are available at two levels:

The Apprenticeship leads to NVQ level 2 and the Advanced Apprenticeship leads to NVQ level 3. You'll also be trained in key skills, such as Team Working, Communication, IT and problem solving.

You can progress from an Apprenticeship to an Advanced Apprenticeship and then continue gaining higher qualifications.


If you are thinking about leaving school to go into a job, you need to consider it carefully. Check out this kind of jobs being advertised, what wages and conditions are they offering, is it what you expected? Is this the best choice for you?

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Career Opportunities

We provide schools and colleges with knowledge and inspiration for careers education and guidance. Through our journals, newsletters, annual conference and website we ensure that members have access to:

  • the latest thinking and research
  • reports and briefings on policy developments including statutory requirements
  • curriculum guidance, classroom resources and examples of good practice
  • professional development opportunities
  • occupational and labour market information.


Our staff can provide you with advice and information about jobs, training, education and other opportunities. Often there is a Personal Adviser available if you are not sure about your choices if you contact them by email, webmail or phone. We can always get one to contact you later or explain when and where to find them in local schools, colleges, community centres and other centres. We can offer information about jobs in healthcare, education, catering, business and plenty more.


Volunteering is about much more than just giving your time to a worthy cause. It is also about gaining something for yourself and adding value to your own life. You can:

  • try out a new area of work
  • gain valuable job experience
  • develop new skills
  • get practical training and possibly qualifications
  • gain confidence
  • make friends
  • have fun

A regular commitment of as little as a couple of hours a week (sometimes even less) is all that is required although some volunteers choose to do much more than this.

The important thing is to choose voluntary work which meets your needs and matches your interests.

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