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Top Interview Techniques

Here are some free tips to help you to cope well with your interview. Remember that everyone attending for interview is facing the same challenges. Everyone is bound to be nervous including, in some cases, even the interviewer. You will have done your careful preparation and now you owe it to yourself to give the interviewer the best impression.

Be confident
This is not a normal situation so ‘normal’ behaviour does not apply. Remember you are, in essence, trying to ‘sell’ an excellent product in a very competitive market. No salesman was ever successful by under selling his product. Don’t be embarrassed to tell the interviewer what makes you his ideal candidate. Explain to him what you have to offer and the benefits of employing you. Work out in advance how you are going to answer difficult questions. Contact us for advice.

First impressions
Dress carefully for the interview – whether you’re looking for animal research jobs in the UK, or your first part-time retail job, first impressions are very important. Remember your appearance is almost as important as what you say. The interviewer is gaining an impression the minute they meet you, so be careful of your posture and body language. Stand or sit up straight. Remember to smile and give a firm handshake. All obvious things – but so important. Read more.

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Be on time
It’s much better to be too early than too late. If you arrive too soon, you can always find somewhere to wait. No matter how valid a reason you have for being late, it will still give a bad impression. If the worst comes to the worst and you simply cannot be on time, then always ring in and let them know. More tips.

Avoid distractions
Be careful not to show your nervousness by fiddling with accessories, for example rings or bracelets. If you are offered a cup of coffee it is not really a good idea to accept. It is much wiser simply to refuse politely than to be left in the difficult situation of trying to manage a full cup whilst you are being interviewed.

Have reliable internet connection
If your interview is scheduled via video call, you may want to have an internet connection that does not get disrupted while you are giving the interview. You may also choose to upgrade your internet plan to a high-speed one. You may just need to search for keywords such as “Dallas internet plans” (or whatever place you live in) to find out the most suitable internet plan for your home. That way, you won’t be bothered by a slow internet connection or a shaky video call.

Be honest
You should always tell the truth about your experience and qualifications, but there are ways of presenting the truth. Remember the optimist who always has a half full bottle and the pessimist who always has a half empty one. Present the facts in a positive way. Hire a professional CV writer.

If you are asked a question about skills or experience you do not have then simply admit it honestly. As long as you make it clear that you are keen and eager to learn, the interviewer will understand this. They will then be able to judge the importance of any shortcomings and how easy it will be to give you any training you will need for the new job. Keep reading.

Get the balance right
Don’t talk too much or too fast. If you are asked a question don’t be afraid to take a moment to collect your thoughts. On the other hand don’t allow long silences to open up when it is your turn to speak. You have to get the balance right between talking too much and too little. Do be sure to answer questions fully and clearly. Never answer with a monosyllable.

Be positive
Never, under any circumstances, criticise previous employers, particularly within the same industry. Focus on positive achievements and views. If asked why you are leaving your present job, the answer should be that you are seeking career advancement. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious. Sell yourself in your CV.

Your questions
If you have done your preparation properly you should have already prepared some questions about the Company. Add to this anything that has arisen during the interview that you would like to know more about. More question ideas.

Be polite
At the end of the interview always remember to say thank you and that you have enjoyed meeting the interviewer. If you would like the job then there is nothing wrong with saying so as you leave. More interview tips.

Health and safety

Keep your eyes peeled. Does the office area look like it complies with current health and safety regulations? Look out for the obvious hazards such as cables lying around on the floor and over desks.

Also, look for cleanliness and comfort in the office. An office that provides a clean environment and comfortable furniture bought from a good brand (one similar to office monster) could be more beneficial since you may have ease in accomplishing everyday tasks. Moreover, it can also show you how much your employer cares about their employees’ health and well-being.

In addition, cables that aren’t properly secured away create a serious trip hazard and can also slow down work productivity as network speed may be affected. Hire fibre optic installers for super fast data transmission.

Many offices do consider under desk cable management services, which are extremely beneficial towards to overall efficiency in the office.

Under normal circumstances there will only be one job on offer. Don’t be disheartened just because you may have been turned down on this occasion. You cannot expect to be offered every job you apply for. Your turn will come, your worth will be recognised and your interview skills will improve with practice!

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