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Best CV Formats

CV Formats

In the UK, curriculum vitae / CV / resume are all different names for the same thing. A CV / resume is a marketing document which will be your first point of contact with a prospective new employer. It is essential to demonstrate your transferable skills and competencies in a concise, easy to understand format so that you give a good first impression.

A professionally written CV
The right CV / resume can make a dramatic difference to your future career prospects so it is well worth making the investment to have it professionally written. provides a unique level of in-depth consultancy, making sure that the resulting CV / Resume is of the highest possible standard.

Get an expert opinion
You can use a free of charge assessment service online for an objective opinion on your existing CV. This will give you an idea of how a professional CV writing service might alter your CV before you invest your money. In addition, you might want to concentrate on the quality of the resume since it can play a key role in securing a job. By using resume writing services, you can make your current resume look even better to potential employers. For example, if you are from Illinois, you can look for resume writing service in Illinois that can assist you in crafting a strong resume.

Just as all people are different, so all CV / resumes will be different
It is obvious that the CV / resume for an actress will need to be presented in a very different way from that of a nurse. The level at which you are working will also make a difference, so a graduate CV will not be the same as that of a Senior Executive. This is why CV writing software simply cannot give a satisfactory result.

A CV is not an autobiography
The reason most people find it difficult to write their own CV is because it is so hard to be objective. They usually end up writing the CV in an autobiographical format without taking into account the fact that it is actually a marketing document. Your CV needs to demonstrate to a prospective employer exactly what you have to offer and why they should choose you rather than any of the other candidates.

Don’t try too hard
Your CV needs to be ‘cool, confident and present a professional image. This cannot be done by making exaggerated claims. A CV needs to be presented in a format which enables you to demonstrate your skills, achievements and career progression. A prospective employer should be able to see clearly what you have to offer and make up their own minds about your potential value to their organisation.

What style is appropriate
There are no hard and fast rules about how you should format your CV. However, you should not lose sight of what you are aiming to do, which is to ‘sell’ your skills to somebody who usually has no prior knowledge of you. It is usually wise to stick to a conventional style for your CV / resume as this will be what the employer is expecting and it will make it easier for them to understand the information you are giving.