Essential Preparation for Job Interviews


Here are some free tips to help you prepare for your interview.
Although you have already jumped the first hurdle by being invited for interview, this advantage could be thrown away if you are not properly prepared. A little research and preparation before the day could make all the difference between success and failure

Your CV
Remember that in the first instance all the employer will know about you is what has been included on your CV. So make sure you remember exactly what you have said on your CV and take a copy with you. Go through your CV again carefully so that, when you are requested to do so, you are able to expand upon the information you have already given.

It is very helpful to make a list of your good points. Try to identify ten strengths which make you the ideal candidate for the job. This will not only assist you with the tricky questions, it will also help to build your all-important self-confidence.

Nowadays it is easy to do research on a Company by looking at their website. Make sure that you visit the site and find out all you can about the Company. Write down and practice any relevant questions you may want to ask so that you can demonstrate that you have a real interest in the firm and what they are doing.

Find out about the job
Be sure that you read carefully any information you are sent when you are invited to attend the interview. If you are sent a job and/or person specification, make sure that you study them in depth. That way you can identify the qualities they are seeking and work out a strategy to demonstrate that you are the person who can deliver.

Practice your answers to Top Questions and rehearse in front of a mirror or with a friend. You may like to do a ‘dress rehearsal’ so that you can get properly into the mood.

Dress & Appearance
Select your clothing carefully. Even if the job itself does not require it, you should always dress smartly. Avoid too many accessories or jewellery which may be difficult to manage on the day. Make sure that you are well groomed, paying special attention to your finger nails.

Check out the venue
It is a good idea to check out the venue in advance. It may even be a good idea to take a trip to find out how long the travelling will take. There is nothing worse than arriving flustered because the trains were late!